The Pilot episode of Angry Birds Adventures: The Next Adventure is called "Past the Shadows." It features Korny, Trivia Z, Blair, Arthur, Oscar, and Clarence.


The Group are exploring an underground cave system when pig-warriors with guns start blasting them. They run away, but Korny gets captured, and they are seperated. Korny finds himself in a dungeon with Oscar, who had been gone for a while. They learn things, but are attack by pig-warriors and run for their lives. The group half 1 (Randie, Blair, Arthur, Trivia Z, and Clarence) go looking for Korny while the other half (Pigger, Harrison, The Egg, and Timothy) figure out where they are, and try to stop the pig-warriors from setting up a base for evil in the caverns. Korny realizes he has to die or else the universe might explode. He then comes up with the idea that his death could be staged, but he doesn't have enough time to elaborate because he and group half 2 are captured, and the group half 1 go through bone warrior guards before being captured with the others. Korny's time is running out. If he doesn't leave and stage his death soon, things will be bad


Trivia? and Three Guards are searching Blowtorch Guy.

Blowtorch Guy (BG): Stop touching me all over, it's weird

Guard 1 (Grayson): We are searching you

BG: I know! What are you looking for anyway?

Guard 3: Your blowtorch

BG: Ah, no need to worry, I left it back.

Guards: Yep, nothing on 'im. Let him in.

Trivia?: Grayson, Oscar. Follow him in

Guard 2 (Oscar): I should be yogurt...this

BG is kicked into the prison area with Grayson and Oscar. Korny can be seen in the corner digging it up with a spoon, an empty bowl in the center of the cell

Korny looks over at them. He stares at BG

Korny: Hey! I know you...I will kill you you ungrateful....thingy!

Korny runs to the bars, and sticks his spoon between the bars to BG's throat

BG: Kill me? With a spoon?

Korny: Never underestimate a spoon

BG pushes the spoon away

BG: I learnt that lesson the hard way..don't think I couldn't fight you

Korny: What weapon?

BG: I could fight you with my blowtorch right now!

Korny: But you left it back..?

BG: I did..but I can still fight you with it

Korny has a very confused look on his face

Korny: What are you even doing here?

BG: I could say the same thing!

Korny: I was trapped and imprisoned after the Milkshack collapsed. The boulder fell on the other side, and you didn't even help in the slightest, mind you. Captured.

BG: I could say the same thing! I probably shouldn't, though, since it's not true for me. But, if you're captured and in prison, that would be a very bad predicament. Why don't you just leave?

Korny: Because I am imprisoned...?

BG: But you won't be if you leave!

Korny: I can't leave!

BG: Why not?

They argue in the background as the camera shows Oscar and Grayson

Oscar: Ayo, bro got any yogurt? Popcorn flavored?

Grayson: Naw, fam. Would be nice tho?

Korny: Ok, what are you doing here

BG: Rescuing you!

Korny: How are you going to do that?

BG: With a blowtorch!

Korny: But it's not on you

BG: Not yet!

Korny: The guards can hear you!

BG: No they can't! Guards are stupid!

He turns to look at the guards

BG, yelling: Aren't you guards! You're stupid! Haha!

Grayson: Points his weapon at BG

Grayson: Trivia! We got him, he's trynna rescue the prisoner!

Trivia? and Guard 3 come in

BG: But I got a blowtorch!

Action music

Korny: no you DON'T!

BG: Magno-activate!

Everyobody is just standing there as BG's blowtorch clatters about in the distance

Trivia?: Why is nobody attacking!?? Attack him! We can do it, he's unarmed!

Oscar: It's rude to attack unarmed people. Have some manners.

He grabs a monocle and tea-flavored yogurt to demonstrate his point

Trivia?: Arghh! You, guard, get him!

The blowtorch flies into BG's hand. Action ensues

BG: Blowtorches the bars so that Korny can get through, then blowtorches the guards (aside from Oscar) to stun them. Korny starts fighting. The mirror behind Trivia? cracks

Korny: The mirror!

BG: Yes, cracked because of Trivia?'s ugliness..., now RUN!

Korny while running, under breath: that's not it...I know it!

They do. They are followed. The come to a halt at the edge of a nearby cliff

Korny: Uh-oh! It's too deep!

BG: I don't know how far down the cliff goes, but I'd like you to be the one to find out!

Korny: Wait, *gets pushed off cliff* Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?

BG: Uses his blowtorch and holds them all off, Trivia? is vanquished, Grayson retreats, and Oscar is in the corner.

Guard 3: Is nobody gonna do anything?

Grayson: Nope!

BG leaps off the cliff yelling "Vamanos" and lands on Korny

Korny: OwWwW!

BG: Let's go!

Korny: Where?

Camera zooms out as BG narrates

BG: Korny, we're going a long way from here. We will go through mountain and jungle to complete a quest to defeat shadow and death. Pigs and birds must ally...You want my name? It's...

Cuts to a scene of The Group being chased by pig-warriors with guns. It says "4 years later" at the bottom

Blair: Trivia Z!

TZ: What...?

Blair: There's an exit out through a hole over there, I saw it on our way!

Clarence: Yeah! Wait...what?

Arthur: You big brown thing, get moving!

They keep running

Blair: This exit, through the top!

Timothy stumbles, egg with.

Pigger: I'll get you, come on

He slides down the exit, the others make it up.

Pigger: Come on, in this inlet!

Harrison wasn't fast enough to make it up the exit. The four hide in the inlet until the pig-warriors veer left, and go away.

Pigger: They're starting an evil base! They must be stopped! Stopped! Stopped!

Harrison: You can say that again!

Timothy: We need to get into the center of the base, and stop them! I'll have a plan by then! I always do! Harry son can hold onto the Egg!

Harrison: Hey!

Meanwhile, those above

Blair: We've been seperated!

Clarence: Guys, where's Erik? He went up with us, but never came up!

Arthur: What?

*cue intro*

Korny shakes himself off. He finds himself in some sort of dungeon. A dark bird is standing on a stool

The bird turns around, it's Oscar

Oscar: Remember me, Agent Indigo?

Korny: You! You were a guard!

Oscar: Yes, a horrible one too, don't you think, Mr. Trout?

Korny looks up in shock: How do you know my last name?? Only Trivia Z knows it!

Oscar: No, Trivia X told me it. Remember from the wars?

Korny: Yes, I quite liked him even though he was always trying to kill me. Too bad he died. How'd he find out?

Oscar: From the future records, of course! He takes out some yogurt and starts eating it. They have your name and everything! Why'd you change it anyway?

Korny: Hmm?

Oscar: From Ernest Richard Trout to Korny, huh?

Korny: Well, Ernest always seemed to demanding. It required too much from the speaker

Oscar: Like vanilla yogurt!

Korny: Sure, why not! So, I changed it! To Korny! It demanded way less! A bit cheesy, too.

Oscar: A bit corny!

Korny: Yes, my name is corny! In fact, it quite literally is Korny!

Oscar: Ah yes, I too have made a similar observation!

Oscar: Remember the war?

Korny: Yes! I was a scout! I fought in the war! I the war?

Oscar: Yes..

Korny: Wait how'd I die if I'm still alive

Oscar: You expect me to know!?

Korny: No, just wondering aloud

Oscar: Well, you're in luck, I do know! Having been a slave-guard for the shadows, I picked up a few things. Trivia X had to kill you because the future records said that he had killed you. There was a wide range of time, about 4 years, he had to kill you. That time is running short. Anyway, since you had to be killed by Trivia X, and nothing else, the blow from the shadow beast couldn't kill you. That's not how the records said you died. Trivia X had to kill you.

Korny: But he's dead!

Oscar: Or never saw him die, he exploded. No one can survive that, so you assumed he's dead, but he may still be about, trying to kill you! If you don't die, the future will be messed up, and Trivia Z, your best friend, may not even exist. And he was a major factor of ending the war, and this is after the war. So...the war might still be going on. Or the universe will explode. I don't want to risk it.

Korny: So I have to die?

Oscar: Quite possibly!

Korny: Hmm...Where are we?

Oscar: Some dungeon, I'd assume.

Korny: Yes, but where?

Oscar: In the pig-warrior cave system!

Korny: So there should be pig-warriors?

Oscar: Yes.

Korny: So why aren't there any?

Oscar, casually: Well, there's that one that just shot you in your rear As Korny winces in pain

Korny: RUN!

Oscar pockets the yogurt. They run, and continue running until they lose the pig-warriors

Oscar: So, Trivia Z abandoned you?

Korny: Yeah...I guess! We should look for him!

Oscar: And when we find him, we shall drown him in yogurt (He smiles and laughs maniacally)

Korny: Maybe hold off on them, he could be important, although looking back on it, it doesn't seem that way, does it?

Oscar: Fine. We shall not drown him in yogurt (He smiles and laughs maniacally)

Cuts to Trivia Z, Blair, Arthur, Randy, and Clarence

Trivia Z: We have to go into the caves and look for him

Clarence: Into the pig-warriors?

Blair: No! That would be disgusting

Arthur: We can fight them...ooh, that would be fun.

Trivia Z: You, Art and Blair, stay here in case he comes out. Clarence, me, and...uh

He looks at Randy

Trivia Z:, come with me and look the caves!

Randy: Princess? My name is Randy

Trivia Z: Ah yes, Princess Randy III, whatever, I don't bother with titles, you're just Princess!

Randy: The third? I'm the first!

Trivia Z: No, you're princess. Let's not waste time, come on!

Cuts to Tim, Harris, Egg, and Pigg

Timothy: Look! Just up ahead!

Harrison: you hear something?

The sound of pig-warriors marching behind them

Timothy: Run!

Harrison: WAIT!

There is a drop down to the bottom, very far down

Harrison: How deep is it?

Timothy: I dunno

He jumps

Timothy: About 25 ft.

Harrison: Ok...

He grabs The Egg and jumps

Pigger: The drop's too far on my old legs legs!

Timothy: That's fine, rather you have broken legs than be dead to pig-warriors!

Pigger: No! Not really! I'd suffer!

Timothy: Oh... Why don't you hide in that alcove?

Pigger jumps into it just in time. The pig-warriors turn a corner and avoid them

Harrison: Pigger, we might be going the wrong way...Try following them, they might be going back to base!

Pigger: Right!

Cuts to Randy, Trivia Z, and Clarence

Trivia Z: Hmm...I sense warriors...marching somewhere. Stay there, I might be able to confront them!

Clarence: Wait!

He jumps in the front of them.

Trivia Z: Surrender to F.L.O.C.K.'s Secret Weapon...and your doom!

Pig-warrior: Shut up.

He pushes Trivia Z to the side and they continue marching in one direction.

Trivia Z: Umm...well. Did not expect that, but it's all good, since now we can be avoided!

Clarence: You'd think a pig-warrior not killing you was a good thing, but I'm getting some premonition

Randy: Talk about it!

Cuts to Egg, Harrison, and Tim

Harrison: I think...there a little but of pig-warriors over there!

He brushes through a fern to see millions of pig-warriors

Timothy: A little bit?

Harrison: Yeah..

Timothy: By little, do you mean a lot?

Harrison: What does "A lot" mean?

Timothy: Not a little.

Harrison: Then yeah, that's what I meant

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