My existence is decided by the fates of my personality not the other way 'round
— Arthur
Arthur CROME
Arthur is a tough and artistic Bird who feels very spiritually connected to the universe. When he is angered he is willing to throw everything away to fight Pigs, however this rarely happens.

Powers Edit

  • Sharp Paintbrush
  • Universal Connection
  • Manufacturing Level Construction

Data Edit

Full Name: Arthur Emily Redla

Nickname: Arty, Em, Emmy, Paintbrush (By Randie), The Piggy Scourge, Desert Warrior.

Affiliations: The Group, A certain group of Pigs.

Personality: Artistic, Brave, Cold.

Languages: Hybrid, Bird, Human, Robot.

Quotes Edit

I don't like the sound of that.
— Arthur
Let's win this.
— Arthur
The humans aren't interesting, they're a threat.
— Arthur
Hi, wouow yoy heh mem.
— Arthur/ArthuhtrA
— ArthuhtrA
Hello, I believe I am Arthur, what do you want?
— Arthur
Oh God! This is worse than Hybrids!
— Arthur
I should paint you Red and Blue!
— Arthur
I like the crunch of killing pigs.
— Arthur
I will never give up.
— Arthur
The universe is spelling defeat for you.
— Arthur

Trivia Edit

  • He likes using LEGOs to make blueprints.
  • He is often rude towards his friends.
  • He is able to tap into the universe and control certain things.
  • He is the only one who knows about the pignati.
  • People say he is starting to become disillusioned with power and wishes for him to stop using his powers in case he turns evil.

Gallery Edit

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