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My existence is decided by the fates of my personality not the other way 'round
— Arthur
Arthur CROME.png

Arthur is a tough and artistic Bird who feels very spiritually connected to the universe. When he is angered he is willing to throw everything away to fight Pigs, however this rarely happens.


  • Sharp Paintbrush
  • Universal Connection
  • Manufacturing Level Construction


Full Name: Arthur Emily Redla

Nickname: Arty, Em, Emmy, Paintbrush (By Randie), The Piggy Scourge, Desert Warrior.

Affiliations: The Group, A certain group of Pigs.

Personality: Artistic, Brave, Cold.

Languages: Hybrid, Bird, Human, Robot.


I don't like the sound of that.
— Arthur
Let's win this.
— Arthur
The humans aren't interesting, they're a threat.
— Arthur
Hi, wouow yoy heh mem.
— Arthur/ArthuhtrA
— ArthuhtrA
Hello, I believe I am Arthur, what do you want?
— Arthur
Oh God! This is worse than Hybrids!
— Arthur
I should paint you Red and Blue!
— Arthur
I like the crunch of killing pigs.
— Arthur
I will never give up.
— Arthur
The universe is spelling defeat for you.
— Arthur


  • He likes using LEGOs to make blueprints.
  • He is often rude towards his friends.
  • He is able to tap into the universe and control certain things.
  • He is the only one who knows about the pignati.
  • People say he is starting to become disillusioned with power and wishes for him to stop using his powers in case he turns evil.