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He enjoys the internet. He is a member of the group but is more distant and has gone on independent adventures. He always has a love for Pigger.


  • Name: Harrison Birdius Amber
  • Nicknames: Harry, Harry u is a wizord.
  • Affiliation: The Group, Most Pigs, His Friends
  • Alignment: Himself
  • Birthday: 6th of Feb 2001.


Harrison is a smart and yet, misunderstood character. He was taught how to get out-of a pinch by his brother Randie and also has a musical talent.



  • He is faster than Chuck (but only slightly)
  • He likes his cake.
  • Due to working for himself, he is quite unpredictable.
  • He likes a good fight.
  • He likes racing.
  • He is considering using his musical abilities more.
  • He has a part-time job at Pig City restaurant
  • He is partially rich
  • He was taught how to fight by Randie
  • He has a fake eye
  • He likes Pigger and Randie


  • Magic
  • Super Speed
  • Floating
  • Invisibility