Ha, what about me? I'm a grey bird doesn't mean I'm evil!
— Oscar

Oscar Dragon Flame II was born on 12th August 1998 and is a friend of The Group but is notorious for being a criminal which he often tries to hide.

Oscar is a cocky and overconfident, but morally correct bird who is said to end the Hybrid Wars.

This is him.


Oscar is often overconfident and tries to shrug things off with a joke, this is often him trying to redirect attention off from himself due to being ashamed of his past. However if he's made mad he's sent into a blind rage and will forget not to tell people about his past.


In 1998 Oscar Dragon Flame I gave birth to the Egg that would become Oscar, however at that moment some enemy Hybrids attacked and killed his parents luckily they spared him and made him a slave.

Oscar was eventually bought by Pigger, however Oscar distrusted him and went off to terrorise the Hybrids who had hurt him. This caused Pigger a great sadness so Pigger saved more orphaned birds while Oscar soon was confronted by an old bird who told him that he would summon death if he was to continue.

Oscar decided to do good to the world s he wouldn't die and started adventuring and hoping one day he could become eternal and return to th heyday of terrorism.

He also runs a crime group in secret.


  • Full name: Oscar Dragon Flame II
  • Nicknames: Ozzie, Oz, Flame Mongerer, The Bad.
  • Affiliations: The Hybrids
  • Family: None
  • Birthday: 12 August 1998
  • Blood Type: O
  • Languages: Human English, Human Spanish, Human French and Human German.
  • Gear: 7" Knife
  • Occupation: Adventurer, Crime Boss


  • He has a crush on a bird in his crime group
  • He speaks the most Human language
  • He has unique powers from his time as a slave
  • He likes yogurt and often hallucinates it.
  • He has special forms.
  • He was once a slave but was saved by Pigger
  • He always seems to die but only just survives
  • Music sends him into a blind rage.
  • Luckily he likes singing
  • He's not a dancer though
  • He's not fast
  • He does have a speedy form though.
  • He is protective of his group of criminals.
  • He survived a war


— Oscar
Yes the holy yogurt is here!
— Oscar
Outtta my way!
— Oscar
— Oscar
Do or do ther isn't a dont
— Oscar
Don't worry I had that coming!
— Oscar
Doors are never co-operative anymore, they always have to Ben locked!
— Oscar
I'm Oscar, why is that my name? None of your beeswax.
— Oscar
Give the yogurt and I won't hurt you.
— Oscar
Yougurts! Come forth!
— Oscar
I'm still here, and, uh, greeeaaat...
— Oscar
Hello, what do you need from me!
— Oscar
Tell me when we can get houses!
— Oscar
An injured bird is a weak bird.
— Oscar
I'm slow but I'm smart
— Oscar
Vrrrrm! Crash!
— Oscar
I'm the best!
— Oscar
— Äsker
¡Qué demonios te acompaña! Te di un pase amigo, pero ¿mentir? ¡Es hora de pelear!
— Äsker
The rich can get you out of a jam, but are useless beyond that.
— Oscar


Normal Form


  • Size fluxation
  • Yogurtnado
  • Hovering
  • Transformation


  • Languages
  • Sporty
  • Art
  • Singung
  • Eating

Ice Form


  • Lasers
  • Ice

Fire Form


  • Fire

Pink Form


  • Making bubbles


  • Damaging objects.

Stealth Form


  • Camouflage

Hazmat Form


  • Lasers
  • Radioactivity

Ultimate Form


  • Fire
  • Ice
  • Meteors
  • Power Fusion


  • Singing
  • Ultimate Karate



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