Randie is a happy bird who is very talkative and friendly.

Data Edit

  • Full-Name: Randie Roland Redla
  • Nicnames: Dee, Randy-Dandy, Bird-Dee.
  • Affiliations: The Group, Pigger and his friends, Sun people.
  • Birthday: 7th March

Personality Edit

Randie is a smart strong-willed and friendly person, however if he is annoyed he becomes a weapon of destruction ready for war. He is known for being incredibly violent to everyone when fighting, not just pigs. He dislikes helmet pigs. He has a horrifying past but he uses his smarts to hide it.

History Edit

Randie was born to evil Birds who wanted to show society they would do anything to kill by killing their own child, he found out and escaped. Later he met Pigger who took him in as a son.

Trivia Edit

  • He owns his family Sword the butcherer.
  • He has a secret love for leaf.
  • His version of the butcherer is electricly powered and is stronger.
  • He has a strange body compared to the others
  • He invented a new language.

Quotes Edit

In the name of hatchlings!
— Randie
Hi, welcome to my cr42y lab!
— Randie
— Randie
I believe the phrase you mean is: awesome!
— Randie
I think this is going to get even cooler!
— Randie

Powers Edit

  • Bouncieness
  • Strong defensive feathers
  • Microtech
  • Can talk multiple languages
  • Floats easily

Gallery Edit


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