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Timmothy (Timmothy White Redla-Thomas) is a reckless bird that means well, he is Randie and Arthur's brother and one of Pigger's adopted sons.


Timmothy is always being nice to the others and wishes that the pigs would want to join in too, he can often be a bit reckless in his plans to make new friends and often annoys people more than he helps. When he is mad he tends to downplay everyone's contributions. Pigger taught him that not every pig is a threat so he is much calmer around them. He is known for great creations however he often doesn't put his mind into it.



  • Durability - He is unexplicably durable.
  • Accuracy - He is often very accurate in everything he does.


That, uh, wasn't the plan.
— Timmothy
Whoops, hah ha...
— Timmothy
Is that, a wing?!!
— Timmothy
That won't work!
— Timmothy
Definitely not my original intention but hey! It kinda worked.
— Timmothy
See ya buddy!
— Timmothy
See ya piggy!
— Timmothy
No, no, no, no, no, no, no.
— Timmothy
Y'know I could make something with that right?
— Timmothy



  • He has multiple documents about how pigs aren't as reflexive as Birds.
  • He likes eating food, it gives him comfort.
  • He is shown to have multiple creative skills
  • He is shown to be able to do a song and dance number if necessary.
  • Despite being a Redla he is shown to come from two other families.
  • He was the final bird to join the group.
  • He is very racist towards other species other than birds and pigs, he seems to be the only one who is like this.
  • He loves having fun with everyone.