If someone murders you, it's your fault for dying. Don't die. That's feeding the troll
— Trivia Z

Trivia Z is a robot bird with enough sentience and intelligence that he might as well be a real bird, however, he sometimes struggles to grasp how common sense things work


  • Blowtorch- Originally known as Blowtorch Guy for his amazing blowtorching skills, he can deal some mean damage with this cooking item
  • Super Hard Metal Armor- He is quite durable


  • Full Name: Triviabird Genesis Z
  • Nicknames: Trivia, Triviaz, Trivia Z, Z, You Idiot
  • Affiliations: The Group, The Travelling Trio (abandoned), F.L.O.C.K (abandoned), Trivia Bots! (later on)
  • Languages: Multiple thousands of languages are saved to his internal database
  • Birthday: May 16, 2987
  • Occupation: Fighting crime, welding, blowtorching
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